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Latest News

5.7 Training Classes Available

With over 183,668 downloads of 5.7 this year, it’s past time for us to get our act together on documentation, training and certification. We’ve decided to dedicate each and every Wednesday to this effort until it is done.  While we have a lot of writing to do, running training sessions online is a great way for us to produce helpful video content that is tailored to your needs.

Thus I’m pleased to announce this new schedule of training classes you can sign-up for. Help us help you, and buy a class to get your answers straight from the horse's mouth!

CodeGuard puts concrete5 at #4 CMS

This nice info-graph from CodeGuard puts concrete5 marketshare above ExpressionEngine's and just a bit over half of Drupal.

That's pretty awesome feeling! Thanks for all the help concrete5 community peeps, it's great to see our baby growing up so well.

Have a great weekend.


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