concrete5 5.7.2 is Now Available!

concrete5 5.7.2 is another big update to 5.7. It significantly improves view and edit mode performance by lowering the number of database queries, improves the user experience of editing concrete5 pages by showing area hot spots in drag modes, adds database logging as an option for developers, improves marketplace support, uses better permissions checks in all aspects of the new user interface, and fixes many bugs. 

Full 5.7.2 Release Notes

Want to get up to speed? Check out all the things that are new with concrete5 version 7:

5.7.0 Release Notes

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Add-on Approved: Calendar Nav for 5.7+

Calendar-based navigation block

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Theme Approved: Holiday Yogurt

A fun, festive theme for concrete5 5.7 and above.

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Add-on Approved: Whale jCarousel

jCarousel is a jQuery plugin for controlling a list of items in horizontal or vertical order. Every item can contain image, title, description & button link.

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