Add-on Approved: - Broadcast Text SMS

Connect with your customers by sending group text messages.

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Christmas Comes Early! Concrete5 5.7.3 is now Available!

Concrete5 5.7.3 is a big update to 5.7. ItĀ integrates the 5.6 Internationalization add-on with a number of improvements to the old code base, making Concrete5 a great way to run a multilingual website. Additionally, it adds back functionality to page types including default permissions and attributes, makes it possible to change page types of existing pages and adds the ability to duplicate page types. The sitemap has been improved as well, with particular attention paid to the add page experience from the sitemap. A large number of bugs have been squashed has well.Ā 

Full 5.7.3 Release Notes

Want to get up to speed? Check out all the things that are new with concrete5 version 7:

5.7.0 Release Notes

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Add-on Approved: inDirectory

Intuitive and flexible Concrete5 add-on for creatively displaying directory listings, from employee bios to office locations and more.

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Add-on Approved: Separator

Add Separator to your webpage without code.

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