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concrete5 contains a number of bug fixes, several of which are very important for theme and add-on developers. If you downloaded 5.7 this weekend, please take a moment to download this release. Here are the full list of fixes and improvements in Release Notes

Want to get up to speed? Check out all the things that are new with concrete5 version 7:

5.7.0 Release Notes

We're also supporting the 5.6 version while people get up to speed on 5.7. We're excited to announce the release of, the latest in a long line of maintenance releases to our rock-solid legacy branch. Release Notes

Thanks so much to Remo Laubacher for maintaining 5.6, and to all developers who've submitted code for and 

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concrete5 5.7 Is Now Available

We’ve been open source since late 2008. In that time we’ve had 40+ version releases, 6 major ones, and we’ve always maintained backward compatibility. You can take a 5.0 website and hit “Update” all the way through It’s always been important to us to keep everyone moving forward together.

For the first time in 6 years, we’ve decided to not put backward compatibility first and foremost. We really wanted to have a clean slate, so we could embrace ideas that involved deep changes to the system. The ecosystem of 3rd party tools and PHP itself has changed quite a bit in the last half a decade, and we don’t want to be stuck in the past. There’s so much good new stuff in concrete5.7 that we’ve been able to include because we simply decided folks would have to migrate by hand instead of upgrading with a single click. We know that when you start playing with 5.7 you’ll see why we made this hard choice, but we want you to also know we’re not going to abandon upgrades again lightly. Wordpress NEVER does this, Drupal ALWAYS does this - we’re right in the middle: once every half a decade or so seems reasonable.

This does throw our typical release approach somewhat on its head, however. We’ve made a commitment to continue supporting 5.6.x for security and critical bugs for at least a year. We’re going to make some changes to our marketplace here to support 5.7 add-ons/themes as well as 5.6 ones too. In the past we’ve often talked about upgrading websites feeling like working on car’s engine, while driving down the highway at 75/mph. In this case, we’re assembling a whole new car next to the one we’re in, driving both, and still at 75/mph.

So what’s 5.7.0 for and how stable is it? Here’s some absolute truths you can share with your bosses and clients:

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