5.7 beta released at OsCon with the help of Bluehost

We just wrapped up 3 days of showing off 5.7 beta at OsCon with a great response. Bluehost very generously donated some of their impressive booth space to our project. If it wasn't for the auspices of these guys we and many other open source projects wouldn't be where we are today. 

As we had hoped, 5.7 wows everyone who looks at it. We had folks intregued in concrete5 from well known companies thinking about their web presence, to agencies starting to tire of training clients on using blogs to manage websites, and even a passionate brony needing to rebuild his fan site. Some stronger partnerships seem likely to mature, and we're extremely motivated to finalize the bug fixes and get a production ready version of 5.7 out pronto.

Check out some pics of the event hall below, and start playing with the beta now!

Add-on Approved: Stack Manager

dashboard add-on to manage your stacks

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Add-on Approved: ds - Event Calendar

Simple add on to create calendar with events and display it on page as block.

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Add-on Approved: Goal Progress

Display the progress of a goal.

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