concrete5 Now Available!

concrete5 offers over 50 bug fixes and improvements to It is highly recommended for users of 

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concrete5 and Now Available!

Here are two new versions of concrete5! offers a number of helpful bug fixes to the 5.6 branch of concrete5. It is recommended for anyone running an older concrete5 site, and fixes some important bugs with the image scaler, among other things. You can download concrete5 from the Downloads page. Here's what's new in

concrete5 offers a lot of updates for a point release. It adds some additional functionality to the Page List block, additional modes for page selection in Composer (including a slick embedded sitemap), improves the appearance and functionality of the select attribute, adds some improved block caching and performance, and fixes a host of bugs and includes additional behavioral improvements. You can download from the Downloads page. Here's a full list of what's changed in

concrete5 is Now Available! fixes a number of important bugs in 5.7.5, especially for those users running PHP 5.3.8 and earlier, or running MySQL in strict mode. It is a maintenance release and is recommended for all users of concrete5.7.

Full Release Notes

If you haven't upgraded to concrete5 5.7.5 yet – now is a perfect opportunity to do so. See what's new in 5.7.5.

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concrete5.7.5 Now Available

Concrete5 5.7.5 is here, bringing with a long list of improvements!

  • A completely new mobile device preview, with the ability to preview a page in different devices, including support for device rotation and user agents.
  • Lots of grid improvements, including customizable layout presets at the theme level, defined in your theme's class file.
  • Design controls for layouts themselves, including custom templates and layout classes (including a parallax image custom template.)
  • The ability to hide content at different responsive screen sizes at a block or area level (found within the design controls)
  • Grid container improvements
  • Multilingual support for stacks and global areas
  • Much, much more.

This is our biggest release in awhile, and we're really proud of it.  

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