concrete5 5.7.5 Release Candidate 1 Now Available!

5.7.5 is going to be a big release. It features

  • A completely new mobile device preview, with the ability to preview a page in different devices, including support for device rotation and user agents.
  • Lots of grid improvements, including customizable layout presets at the theme level, defined in your theme's class file.
  • Design controls for layouts themselves, including custom templates and layout classes (including a parallax image custom template.)
  • The ability to hide content at different responsive screen sizes at a block or area level (found within the design controls)
  • Grid container improvements
  • Multilingual support for stacks and global areas
  • Much, much more.

5.7.5 isn't quite production ready but we'd love your help in testing it. Download the release candiate today and send us the bugs that you find! 

Download 5.7.5RC1

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Full list of what's changed in 5.7.5

concrete5 is Now Available! fixes a number of important bugs in 5.7.4, including infinite redirects on certain servers, an inability to use the trailing slash setting, asset caching bugs and more. It also includes a number of edit mode improvements and improvements to the update system, and is recommended for anyone running 5.7.

Full Release Notes

Download concrete5

concrete5 is Now Available! fixes a number of important bugs in 5.7.4, including broken dialogs on Windows servers and an inability to edit your site while asset caching is enabled. It is highly recommended for all users of 5.7.

Full Release Notes

Want to get up to speed? Check out all the things that are new with concrete5 version 5.7.4:

5.7.4 Release Notes

Download concrete5

concrete5 5.7.4 Now Available!

Our first big release of 2015, 5.7.4 is our biggest since launching 5.7 last year. 5.7.4 includes

  • A new help system, with guided walkthroughs, multiple videos and more.
  • Much improved conversation block support, including better support for non-logged-in users, notifications on new messages, new message moderation, better conversation display in the Dashboard including contextual menu for acting on messages, Gravatar support.
  • Our rich text editor, Redactor, is updated to version 10. We now include an undo/redo plugin, special characters palette plugin and better lightbox support.
  • Better and safer dashboard updating
  • Improvements to mobile editing
  • 5.6 features return: File manager success dialog window dialog (much improved interface); Add block for page area menu
  • 20+ other improvements
  • 100s of bug fixes and developer updates
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