TR-4/11/14 - Developer sneak peek of 5.7

We've been pretty quiet about what type of changes are going on under the hood in 5.7 until now. Let's just say, quite a bit:

New jQuery 1.x
JS & CSS precedence loading and minifying
New authentication types
New model view controller approach
Namespaced core (PSR-4)
Core & Override directory moving to the same level
Doctrine and steps towards total ORM

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Totally Random 3/7/2014

Brief show this week! We check out a cool concrete5 version tester, take a look at the community karma leaderboard, quickly tour some new themes & add-ons and wrap it up.

Join us for Totally Random this Friday 2/14!

Portland has thawed and we're 99% certain that there will be no new winter storm to impede our live web show-- fingers crossed! Join us live on YouTube at 10:00am Pacific and we'll check in the community, talk about the new 5.6.3 release candidate, and everything else!

Totally Random cancelled due to winter (brrr!)

Alert! Due to the snow storm, we're sad to announce that today's Totally Random has been cancelled. However, we did manage to record our "Great Choice" segment featuring cool new marketplace themes & add-ons. Check it out! Stay warm and see you all next time!