TR-5/2/14 - Theme customization in 5.7

New style types, presets, one page vs. all pages, less framework, etc.

(Play on YouTube in HD for better readability on code)

TR-4/11/14 - Developer sneak peek of 5.7

We've been pretty quiet about what type of changes are going on under the hood in 5.7 until now. Let's just say, quite a bit:

New jQuery 1.x
JS & CSS precedence loading and minifying
New authentication types
New model view controller approach
Namespaced core (PSR-4)
Core & Override directory moving to the same level
Doctrine and steps towards total ORM

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Totally Random 3/7/2014

Brief show this week! We check out a cool concrete5 version tester, take a look at the community karma leaderboard, quickly tour some new themes & add-ons and wrap it up.

Join us for Totally Random this Friday 2/14!

Portland has thawed and we're 99% certain that there will be no new winter storm to impede our live web show-- fingers crossed! Join us live on YouTube at 10:00am Pacific and we'll check in the community, talk about the new 5.6.3 release candidate, and everything else!