Thanks to the Usagi Project for putting this video together.

The full HD version can be found here.

All existing users of concrete are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

The update can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Click here for 5.2.1 release notes.

Some very cool people in Japan have taken the lead with concrete5 there and will be demoing it at on Open Source conference this month. If you happen to be in Japan, or have a lot of disposable income and are looking for an excuse to jump on a plane and head there on short notice…. here ya go!

Usagi Project will attend Tokyo OSC with concrete5 Japanese version.

Tokyo Open Source Conference 2009/Spring
Japan Electronics College Building No.7
1-25-4 Hyakunin-cho
Shinjuky, Tokyo, 169-8522


RSVP the seminar at

Also you can just show up at our demo booth during the event.
Feb 20 (Fri) 10:00am -5:30pm
Feb 21 (Sat) 10:00am -4:30pm

Date & time for first meeting
Feb 20 (Fri) – 21 (Sat) (Seminar starts on Feb 21 11am)

5.2 has been officially released, no more "release candidate."

We've landed two large projects that will improve concrete5 in dramatic ways. First, we're helping a very excellent creative agency build a big site for a major organization, and it involves a complete overhaul of the file system and asset manager. This is wonderful stuff. This means no more single directory with timestamp prefixes on files, but rather a well thought out system with versions, permissions, meta data – all sorts of nice stuff.

Second, we're building a major ecommerce implementation for a fun children's book publisher that integrates concrete5 with Magento Commerce. Both are very powerful applications for what they do, and should behave well as one product in the future.

We're also releasing some more add-ons to the marketplace, starting with the ad block today and with the calendar block right around the corner. The forums are going to be heading out to our beta team & user groups shortly – progress is being made on all fronts.

All of this means we're quite busy, bringing on more help, and generally loving where we are with concrete5! We have to scale back our already limited involvement in the day-to-day postings of the forum. Andrew and I are going to try to get through all un-answered threads once a week if we can, but you're going to have to continue to rely on the community experts that have already started to answer most stuff in there. If you would like an "official" view on something in a timely fashion, I would strongly encourage you to evaluate the worth of concrete5 to your business and join our Partnership Programs, where we promise your issue attention within 48 hours, typically 8.

So I hope you're all having a great start of '09 so far – it's clearly going to be a very exciting year.

This is the current stable version of concrete is recommended for production and test environments. All existing users of concrete are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

The update can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Click here for 5.2.0 release notes.

This update is STRONGLY recommended for anyone who is testing out concrete 5.2. This update fixes a number of caching bugs, some of which can result in data loss and a less than optimal experience.

The update can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Click here for just information on what has changed in 5.2RC2.

Click here for information on all new features in 5.2.

As always, please give the latest C5 release a spin. Download it from SourceForge here.

Click here for release notes. We're pretty proud of this one. Due to some of the improvements (caching, customizable themes, marketplace integration, lots of bug fixes) we're anticipating a little bit of bugginess on this, which is why we're not quite ready to call this 5.2 stable. We'd really love everybody's help getting it rock solid, so test it out if you can.

Wow, what a year.

happy new year!

A year ago, we had no idea we were going open source. By summer we were releasing early versions of our re-hauled CMS. By the fall we were getting over a thousand visitors to a day. We were featured as Project of the Month on SourceForge and we've been the subject of dozens of positive blogs and interviews. Sites powered with c5 are springing up all across the web, and we couldn't be happier.

With v5.1 we saw concrete5 go multilingual, and now we have translations for Danish, German and French available (we'd like more!) Folks are using our (previously) secret sauce, and we're hearing so much positive feedback. With v5.2 (being released as I type) we've started adding lots of features for end site owners to love. For a complete internet n00b, it is still far easier to get started with Wordpress than it is c5 – we're trying tochange that.

The website was just got a complete re-hauling. We took it down for 24 hours and turned it back on with a new Marketplace, improved search and Forums, rearranged help… really too much to even mention in this post, read about it over here.

We have a several Add-Ons that will be made available for sale on the Marketplace in the coming weeks, and we're even more eager for the c5network of developers to submit their own.

2008 has been a crazy adventure, I'm confident 2009 will be even more so – and that's because of You. Thanks for your continued love and dedication to c5, it's exciting to get out of bed every day and see what's happened. Let's take over the web!


Well you may have noticed our site was being "renovated" for the last 24 hours. With the amount of community activity we've been having, we just couldn't find a reasonable way to stage and launch our updates any more gracefully, so thanks for bearing with us through this interruption in services. We'll do everything we can to avoid it in the future.
Here's just some of what changed:

  • We completely revamped the home page and several landing pages to give the site a more friendly experience to the non-programmers out there. We also changed the footer around to be a bit more useful and friendly for everyone.
  • A Marketplace now exists! You can browse Themes and Add-Ons, fill a shopping cart with them, make a real purchase with a credit card and instantly download the files.
  • If you are a developer or designer selling something in the Marketplace, you now get credits in your account which you can choose to have paid out via paypal, or you can use to make other purchases around the site. You also get your own forums and ticketing system so you can provide ongoing support to your customers.
  • Forums & Tickets got a bunch of small UI tweaks to make life easier. We now can easily set status of feature requests and bugs without going into edit mode. You can now drag and drop the posting window around your browser so you can see what you're replying to as you write (that one used to drive me up the wall.)
  • We added member search, buffed out the profile, and introduced 23 new member "badges" that represent expertise and interest. Now you'll be able to see if that person giving you advice actually knows what they're talking about.
  • We added a local user group map and search. If you want to have a physical monthly meeting of c5 folk in your area, we want to hear from you and link to you on our map.
  • We put alot of work into making search more useful (i.e.: not suck so much). It's still got some ways to go, but it is way better than what we had.
  • We seeded the marketplace with a bunch of free blocks we've made after listening to real world requests.
  • Rearranged help and added some new screen-casts and articles.
  • We added c5hosting and c5services Partner Program areas.

uhh… I'm sure lots of little things I'm completely spacing because it's all a blur at this point. Any rate, let us know if anything is off. Thanks for bearing with us while we rolled all that out.