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A documentation and demonstration site for concrete5 addons and themes by JohntheFish

I have used many of the concrete5 add-ons I have developed to facilitate the process of building this site and have generally used this site to showcase my addons wherever I can. Having the right tools to hand makes creating a site easier, faster, reliable and maintainable.

Add-Ons & Themes

Mega Menu

Animated drop-down menu with multiple tiers plus site search, login integration & stack integration.


jQuickie (c5.6)

JavaScript development environment in a block, optimised for concrete5.


Front End List Magic (c5.6)

Add animated pagination to page, file and image lists. Also add selection and sorting of the list right on the page.


Magic Tabs (c5.6)

Add tabs, vertical tabs and accordions simply by inserting a Magic Tabs block where you want to start a new tab (c5.6 version).


Magic Toggle (c5.6)

Create toggling or paging groups of blocks simply by inserting Magic Toggle blocks .


FlexJob Scheduler (c5.6)

Flexible scheduling of jobs from within concrete5. Crontab like capabilities from the dashboard.


Magic Data (c5.6)

Personalise and enhance your website by utilising and adapting to the data behind it.



Oembed allows you to embed youtube, vimeo, flickr and many other types of content directly in your content and page lists.


Structured Content (c5.6)

Rich text editors a bit of a drag? Simply enter plain text and let structured content sort it out.


Magic Yogurt (c5.6)

Greek Yogurt enabled for Magic Data. The power of Magic Data built into your theme!


Uber List (c5.6)

List anything - pages, users, file, products, form results, csv data. Format it how you want. The ultimately flexible list block!