Cordelia Malthere

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My creative World is full of stories, books written and not written yet, poems, novels and proses. My characters have been my companions for many years. Their creation/conceptions/birth are most of the time spontaneous. Almost like, if at my mind’s doorstep I have a visitor knocking to be let in with their whole package, which happens to be their whole background, their story. The guest is then treated with respect of how they appeared to me, and their story told as my mind listens to them and watches their journey unfold. They will occupy my mind almost day and night for days, months or years. They never leave, they are always there with me, in their initial perfect details, and when they let me welcome more guests and spent time with them, I can recall any of them forward at any time. It is fair to say that my mind is a very crowded place at any point in time, and that I always lived in my imagination since a child, full of fictions, characters, words and worlds.