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I first developed a Flash website for them. However, just after a week that this website was hosted live. The clients were put-off by the slow-loading times, and also the SEO-unfriendliness of the flash website. They asked me to make a fast-loading and SEO friendly website, and besides this they insisted me to try and replicate the design of the Flash website version.

I knew this was possible with Concrete 5. So, I tried my best to replicate the design and got the client satisfied with the loading times and the ease of use that this CMS offers.

Lately we re-designed the website once again and the clients are very happy with this wonderful CMS

Add-Ons & Themes

Gallery Block

A configurable image gallery with the popular Lightbox library for viewing images in an overlay window.



Add a Twitter feed anywhere on your website


Facebook Comment

Enables users to post comments on your site using their facebook account.


Advanced Slider

The new generation responsive slider. Create your own animations.



Easily share your website with jShare.


Mega Menu

Animated drop-down menu with multiple tiers plus site search, login integration & stack integration.