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In December 2012, opened the store known as Ecothentik.

Ecothentik specialize in selling industrial hemp related products, as well as many other eco-friendly products.

Ecothentik's mission is to offer to the consumers products that respect nature and people.

After a few months without any formal web site, I donwloaded Concrete5. A CMS that I felt comfortable working with. After a few trials and errors. It became obvious that I needed to sell my products online. So I looked toward the market place and found every add-ons I needed to make a completely bilingual site (French and English) that included the store. With locale recognition and bilingual checkout process.

I must admit, this was also made possible with the excellent help I had from the C5 community and developpers.

At the moment, the ecommerce is fully fonctionnal although there isn't much products on sale yet. This will grow as days and weeks go by.

Many thanks for everything to the C5 community!




Add-Ons & Themes


eCommerce for your concrete5 site. The official eCommerce add-on makes it easy to add and update products.


Language Manager

An add-on to help you manage your site's language translations and also provides automatic user language detection.


Organica Responsive

A responsive theme for 5.6 with an organic / eco look that's easily customiseable with lots of page types.