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Global Reservations Systems Designed By Hoteliers - For Hoteliers

Genares Worldwide Reservation Services is the culmination of over 50 years experience in the hospitality business. As a provider for hotel reservations, Genares links the online traveler from their computer or phone to their hotel room and gives the hotelier the benefit of having a worldwide hotel sales staff without the cost.

Genares is the only central reservation system developed specifically for the new technological age we live in and has been written by the most experienced hotel reservations system development team in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Reservations Systems Technology Pioneers

Genares is actually the second global hotel reservation system developed by the Wilkins family. In the early 1990's, brothers Michael and Ric capitalized on their own hotel brand - Lexington Hotel Suites and Inns. With 30 hotels in their portfolio (and the hotel CRS business not yet 'discovered'), the Wilkins catapulted their central reservations system used for their Lexington hotel properties into Lexington Services Corporation, a 40 million dollar company taking reservations for over 4,000 hotels worldwide!

After selling Lexington Services, Michael and Ric Wilkins concentrated on their hotel and apartment complexes. Today Michael, Ric and business partner Eugene Harris see a unique opportunity in the global hotel reservations industry and believe they can bring an enhanced, quality product to this market to address the shortcomings in the other reservations systems available to hoteliers.

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