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Our Values and Approach

Inner Harmony Healing is a holistic practice located in the Fair Oaks/ Citrus Heights area.  One of our core values is that any approach to healing must be as unique and special as each of the clients we work with on the healing path.  While our origins are in massage therapy and related body-based healing therapies, we embrace a comprehensive approach to wellness as the best way to serve our clients. Accordingly, our views on health are informed by many different facets of life, underpinned by integration of the body, mind, and spirit.  Thus, healing, to us, is seeking to understand and address the core, underlying issues and the whole picture, rather than simply addressing symptoms.


20% Longer Sessions than our Competitors

The "industry standard" is for a "one hour" massage to be about 50 minutes, and sometimes that includes the time for you to dress and undress, often making it as short as 40 or 45 minutes.  At Inner Harmony, our schedule is built to give you a full hour of "table time," with 15 minutes scheduled in between appointments, giving you time to dress and undress, and talk to your therapist before and after the session, without cutting into your actual session time.  Likewise, 90 minute sessions also include 90 minutes of actual "table time"


Of course, this means we can't fit as many sessions into a given day as our competitors do, but we believe that the extra 20% of time it gives us to spend with our clients ensures a better, more complete, and more healing massage.  When you combine the training, skill intuition, and attention to detail we strive for with all of our therapists and the extra time each session includes, we hope you'll see that the value we provide with each session is difficult to match with any of our competitors.


Our Practitioners: Experience, Skill, and Intuition

Together, the owners of Inner Harmony bring more than 35 years of experience in the massage, holistic health, and healing fields, and we've worked hard to find truly extraordinary practitioners and strive for world-class quality and caring in each member of our team.   Our staff evaluation process is rigorous, considering not just the education, training, skill and experience, but personality, attitude, focus on healing, professionalism, and adherence to our core values.  Thus, the individuals we invite to join our practice each have extensive knowledge  and well-developed expertise in their fields of practice, and -- perhaps the hardest to identify and evaluate -- a deep sense of nurturing, combined with intuition and technical skill to understand and address the client's needs and provide the best possible care. 


Additionally, as part of our commitment to the highest standards in the field, each of our practitioners is licensed or certified in their respective fields by the most widely recognized organizations.  Each of our massage professionals are certified by the California Massage Therapy Council, and some have also achieved certification from the National Certification Board in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or other board certifications. For each certificant, these organizations verify education credentials and professional experience, perform extensive background checks, and require continuing education and periodic recertification.  Our life and wellness coaches hold membership in the International Coaching Federation, the largest and most respected of the professional associations that certify coaches.  


The Healing Relationship

While many practices (and even many schools) overlook or minimize its importance, we believe that the connection and interaction between client and practitioner is core to deep healing and wellness.  Massage and body-based therapies, in particular, are among the most sensitive and vulnerable situations a client can experience in a healing environment, and the deepest level of healing can only happen when there is a bond of trust between client and therapist.  And in the coaching and wellness fields, the bond of trust is crucial to co-creating a successful outcome.  The client must feel comfortable and safe, and have trust in the judgment and skill of the practitioner. This, too, is one of the core values that we’ve established, one of our primary focuses in choosing exceptional practitioners, and one of the criteria that we are constantly evaluating through input from our clients.


Boundaries, Ethics, and Professional Standards

Many people (including, unfortunately, many professionals in the massage and coaching fields) are unaware that massage and body-based healing practitioners as well as coaches are held to similar ethical and confidentiality standards of professional conduct as medical doctors and psychotherapists. One of these standards is that practitioners must always maintain appropriate boundaries, and are prohibited from having friendships, dating, or intimate relationships (and, of course, any inappropriate interactions or contact) with clients under any circumstances.  We understand that this may cause confusion or disappointment with some clients who may be used to having a more informal relationship, or cultivating friendships with other massage, coaching or wellness practitioners  they’ve worked with, but it is a value that we've found is in the best interests of our clients, and one that we firmly uphold.   


How we work with you

The Daring Way™, and Wholehearted Living with Courage, Authenticity, and Openness

Discovering the work of Brené Brown, Ph.D, LMSW in 2010 has been a life-changing experience for us and everyone with whom we've shared the work.  Through her deep and insightful work on "the things that get in the way" of living fully, joyfully and authentically, Dr. Brown's research and the clinical tools she and her team have developed help us to understand the behaviors, beliefs, and patterns that each of us hold that keep us from "daring greatly" every day, in every aspect of our lives, from parenting to relationships to our jobs and our health.  Tyler and Chip were fortunate to be chosen to participate in the first-ever Daring Way National Training program, a professional training seminar led and presented by Brené and her senior faculty to train and guide coaches and therapists in facilitation of the work.  Our work in this realm draws heavily on the psychoeducational tools and concepts developed and taught by Dr. Brown in the Daring Way™ and Connections curricula, and combines it with the awareness and understanding of the mind/body work of Gabor Mate, MD and body-based approaches of Clyde Ford's Somatosynthesis and the body-focused components of Fritz Perls, MD's  Gestalt work to provide a more complete framework of understanding and healing. We offer this work in an individual series of coaching sessions, in weekend intensives, and in ongoing groups. Check our Wholehearted Coaching section for more details on this profoundly life-changing work.

Healthy living for active people.
We’re here to help our clients meet their health goals (or help establish them!)  We work with professional athletes, dancers, construction workers, “weekend warriors”, and anyone whose work, hobby, or life experiences cause them stress, strain, or injury.  Our practitioners have extensive experience in the use of massage and body-based healing techniques to speed  healing from injuries, stress, sprains, strains, and fractures, and other challenges, as well as help with stretching, muscle toning, mindfulness/meditation and fitness guidelines that can help to support and optimize your active lifestyle.


Restorative work for injuries, chronic pain, reduced mobility and chronic illness

Whether it’s maintaining and improving physical mobility, working to reduce chronic pain, working with injuries or trauma related to accidents, injuries, surgical or other medical procedures, or chronic illness such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, or MS,  our massage and holistic healing work offers a multifaceted approach to addressing sometimes challenging problems.


Massage for the Pregnancy Year

Recent research has shown that regular massage during the pregnancy year helps to increase birth weight, improve nutrition to the fetus, and reduce labor time, as well as improving mobility and decreasing pain, discomfort, and swelling due to water weight. Several of our practitioners specialize in working with pregnant clients.  


Relaxation massage
Sometimes, all you need is relaxation.  Each of our therapists are skilled in providing nurturing, comforting massage that will relax and rejuvenate you, giving you a “quick vacation” from day-to-day stresses and worries.


Classes and Workshops

From time to time, we offer classes and workshops offering skills, techniques, and practical assistance to optimize your life, lifestyle, and health. Topics include healthy relationships, wholehearted parenting, new approaches to weight loss, meditation, stretching and optimal body health, and more.  Check our classes section for more details.


Our Goal: Your Complete Satisfaction

We’ve worked hard to provide an environment that’s above and beyond the “normal” customer experience, and go from having a “good” time to having a “great” or “amazing” time.  It’s our hope that if you give us a try, you’ll find that our  attention to detail, and our focus on the best possible client experience in our work will cultivate a long-term relationship with us.  We want to work with you in your focus toward wholeness!

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