Konica Minolta B2B Site [PRIVATE

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concrete5 Japan, Inc has helped build their B2B site for Konica Minolta's information technology products sales.

This is closed intranet concrete5 site build for the their sales in 40 countries. The registered users are able to log-in and download product brochures, images and movies as well as the searching sales & marketing data of each regions.

It was switched from the old system to improve the maintenance and managing cost. concrete5 was chosen because of editing flexibility and the framework that is easy to develop.

Most of the demanded functions were able to achieve by customizing the default function of concrete5. But  concrete5 Japan, Inc has developed some of the new ones such as complex product search function, banning simultaneous log-ins, setting password expiration to force renew password periodically.

Design and direction by: Future Spirits Co., Ltd.