Sky Blue Sofa

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Sky Blue Sofa needed a new website, something clean and simple reflecting their core values; so we built one using Concrete5.

We started with the Viewport theme and then modified it quite a bit, including a parallax implmentation on the background image.

As a Concrete5 web design company and Addon provider, we show demos of all the Addons we've built, including the new Social Share Addon in the footer.

Add-Ons & Themes


Add social media 'connect with me' icons and social sharing buttons to your site. Automatically post your new composer pages to social networks.


Page List Plus

A powerful and flexible way to create page lists filtered by keywords, attributes or related to the current page. Utilizes ajax, user selected filters and multiple levels of sorting.


Popular Pages

Create page lists based on the number of visitors that have viewed them.



A magazine style theme with a mobile-friendly design.


Pink Spoon Marketing

Gather visitor email, names, phone numbers and/or zip codes in exchange for free content.