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With 2 Apps for the taxi mediation we provided a major mobile boost to the service. Firstly, we have developed an app for passengers and travellers, which makes it possible to order a taxi to a certain location with just a few touches. The immediate availability is clearly an advantage and that there is no need to store telephone numbers any more. Taxi drivers near the passenger will be notified and can freely decide whether they want to accept or reject a journey. The app has been developed for iOS as well as Android and is available in several languages. A special challenge with this commissioned work was the RTL support, since the app is also available for the Arabic market: the interface must provide right-to-left-language support. The second part of this work was the development of a presentation page and the backoffice interface application. Here drivers and rides can be managed. This makes continuous monitoring possible. The backoffice application, the frontend page and also the communication API was developed using the CMS concrete5.

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