Textilreinigung Trieb

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Well this is a very old domain and company in Stuttgart Germany. The owner invests his money and time only in modern and god technology. So we try Concrete and the site is very nice.


The Site is made for use in mobile devices like iPhone or iPad with with big buttons (Navi Box) and with a clear design (night view). The pictures are pics from Stuttgart that are downgraded to 25% quality for a small size and for a quick load time of the page.


We use a few add-ons and the time that I need to build this site whose about 10h of work.





Add-Ons & Themes

Print Page

Users Can Print Page, Change Text Size & View In Accessibility Mode!!


Night City

Full page background image, rounded corners & beautiful translucent effect.


SEO Manager

Allows the site owner to easily manage the sites seo.



Add social media 'connect with me' icons and social sharing buttons to your site. Automatically post your new composer pages to social networks.


Navi Box

Install a fun animated templates for autonav


Magic Tabs (c5.6)

Add tabs, vertical tabs and accordions simply by inserting a Magic Tabs block where you want to start a new tab (c5.6 version).