Vancouver Specialist Program

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Tourism Vancouver wanted to build an interesting and engaging training program for travel specialists looking to receive official certification in promoting Vancouver's special tourist venues.

On top of blending the overall feel with their main site, we had also develop an innovative, yet simple, online training program that didn't feel like filling out your tax forms online.

With the help of some brave Tourism Vancouver employees (whom didn't mind having their faces etched into the Internet) we built a custom concrete5 package that allowed multiple-choice mini-quizzes at the end of each information page.  Sections were broken into "modules" with each requiring completing before continuing on to the next.

We made extensive use of concrete5's profile pages so registered travel specialist could of course update their information, but also to review their certification process and download any certificates/logo packages.

The VSP site has recently been translated into Mandarin for a Chinese tourism agency ( and has also won the 2011 T4G Limited Technology in Tourism Award (


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