Vivo Ristorante

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This is another project for a client of mine that is a prominent restauranteur in Phoenix, AZ.

Vivo is currently set to open in the autumn. Vivo is an Italian restaurant, a market with authentic Italian products of high quality, a real Italian pizzeria, and an aperdinner.  Vivo is a place where you can breathe a true Italian air... a place that embodies the Italian way of life; courtesy, quality and easy life. Vivo will provide the highest quality Italian food products from companies that meet the strictest requirements for high quality and the traditional production process.

Vivo will offer a 360° catering service: breakfast, lunch, snack, appetizer and dinner. Our vast menu ranges from breakfast croissants, to quick snacks and salads, to a restaurant in the classic Italian style, based on the best raw materials direct from Italy and sourced from only the best location producers.

The concept for Vivo was born after Tomaso Maggiore, a pioneer of Italian cuisine in the U.S., met the Menta brothers of Sicily, well-known Sicily extra virgin olive entrepreneurs and ardent promoters of the local food and wine resources. Together they vowed to create the most authentic Italian experience with an emphasis on hand-made foods of the highest quality.

As an Italian born and trained culinary expert, Chef Tomaso Maggiore’s mission has always been to address customs that are historically Italian but have taken on their own identity in America by recognizing the centuries old relationship that America has with Italy and the vibrant Italian-American culture here.   His menu is passionately crafted...

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