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The bulk of TEDA's new site is actually relatively simple, however, the service directory and the project map were the most time consuming given their complexity and scale.

The site is powered by a combination of a drop-down and breadcrumb menu. While it's structure is quite basic, the real challenge was writing a custom library to handle all of the exceptions (such as showing the specific blog categories even though they're technically search results based of select akID option values) while still allowing the client to manipulate the links via page attributes.

Chooser pages have large navigation "blocks" to make drilling into the site quick and easy. All of the HTML was made without the use of tables to keep with industry standards.

The service directory is a massive listing of local companies categorized by nine main buckets then even further by sub-categories.  A special search function was built to ensure specific results and for paid listings to appear ahead of the free ones.

The project map is a KML feed from a Google Maps account that is parsed and overlaid on top of a base Google Map using the JavaScript v3 API.  The hover states and info boxes were custom-made in an attempt to keep with the look and feel of the rest of the site.  This was the most time consuming as nearly everything, including most of the event handlers, had to be manually set.  Google Maps’ absolutely horrendous visual editor did not help to make things go smoothly, either.


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