Arizona Self Storage Association

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After years of trying to make the Arizona Self Storage Association's CRM fit its unique requirement, Barking Tuna was hired to develop a custom CRM; one tailor-made to a self storage association's unique structure and the relationships between users, operators, vendors, and facilities.  Attempts to modify existing out of the box products continued to present insurmountable issues.

Over a year and a half of research and development has culminated in the recent re-launch of the Arizona Self Storage Association website ( ).  Barking Tuna Web Design in conjunction with a database architect and application developer, designed and developed the new front-end and back-end for the association.  Originallly based on the Dot-Awesome theme, for purposes related to the site's functionality we had to start from scratch but kept much of the look.  Previous CRMs used relational databases and a conscious decision was made to abandon that for an object oriented database.

The data set we had to work with had no rational organization. It was a combination of 50% actual users with the other half comprised of companies and facilities.  The previous CRM attempted and failed at creating logical relationships between all of the components.  It lacked certain  functionality causing us to find creative ways to work around the issues to achieve the desired result. The most obvious example was the fact that Companies, People and Facilities were all top level Members. This was done because of the limitations in the previous platform and is far from ideal. Because of this, the data had become corrupt.  It was inconsistent due to redundancy and orphaned due to a lack of relationships and it was impossible for new or different staff member to administer the site.

The recently developed platform allows for Companies, Facilities and People to have there own objects. It allows for modifying data consistently and with more flexibility in displaying these objects. A facility can have it's own page with an image and a description and this can be edited by the owner of that facility as desired. New views, like a Featured Company or Member can be added with very little additional effort and the overall "Look and Feel" of the site can
easily be swapped out years down the road to keep pace with the changing times.

The back end administration has been logically laid out and is more intuitive. For example if you want to add a new Company you click "Company" then "Add" then enter in the details and "Save". As simple and logical as that seems, it was NOT the case leading up to this effort. The things we take from granted just didn't seem to be present in any of the CRMs that claimed to provide services to associations.

As with any new application, there are going to be issues that arise.  However, we have developed a custom CRM that is much more responsive and capable to adjusting to accomodate any unforeseen issues.  We look forward to a continued partnership with the Arizona Self Storage Association and we look forward to rolling this out to other associaitons whom we know to have the exact same issues.  Our pricing will be much less both in the installation phase and ongoing.  We intend to finally provide the industry's first fully customized CRM, developed specifically to fit its unique requirements.  It takes someone in the industry to understand the needs of the industry, and we couldn't be more proud of this new product.

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