Hoyt Arboretum

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This is my first concrete5 web site and was built using 100% volunteer hours and donations from designers and developers in the Portland community.

Special thanks to Franz Maruna at concrete5, and local developers Jordan Lev, John McBride, Thai Bui for their hours of volunteer time and donations.

I took on this project after visiting the arboretum months ago and noticing that they needed a volunteer web master.

Hoyt’s old website used Plone for their CMS and we quickly decided to switch to a PHP-based CMS.  After some fun debate amongst the local community, I settled on concrete5.  It looked easy to use and the executive staff at Hoyt love that it was developed in Portland.

I’ve been so impressed with this CMS that I'm already building a second site in concrete5. 

I couldn’t have done this without the help of those mentioned above, so again, Thank You all so much!


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