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It's been a little crazy here at Surefyre Towers just recently and it all began with some throwaway chit-chat between Underwood Wines and Lanes Bar/Restaurant one day in Warwick. Apparently the conversation went something like this...

"Hey Underwood, what do you think, would it be an idea to hold a TweetUp event in Lanes?"

Then, Underwood, in their inimitable style took the insane step of tossing the question out onto the InterTubes and, around 10-15 days and one full to capacity booked-up Lanes Restaurant later the inveitable question got asked...

"Do you think we should have a website or something?"

It's a good job we can work to a minimal brief because that was it.

So we set to work. Within around 10 minutes a new Concrete5 CMS was comissioned on our server. About 15 minutes later the wonderful @AnnetteTaylorDE had volunteered her design chops to create initial look-and-feel and about 2 hours later @LiquidBlu had volunteered for logo creation duty.

By the early hours of the following morning Annette had the design together and mailed it over to us and Liquid Blu got the logo to us by EOP the same day and we acquired the domain. We spent the evening converting the artwork into a C5 template and, by the next morning a functional, if rough-round-the-edges site was there. Around 32 hours (including a sleep!).

Over the weekend we twiddled and fiddled with PHP, JQuery, CSS and HTML to get it to what you see now, the#WarwickTweetUp website, complete with membership login, gallery, blog and Twitter linkage.

It's been an absolute pleasure to work on something as immediate, fast-paced and occasionally manic as this site - it's such a refreshing change from the orderly chaos of large-scale projects with teams of dozens involved - and we look forward to supporting and maintaining the site going forward. And, of course the camaraderie and interaction of the fantastic #WarwickTweetUp community; we're not alone in pulling out all the stops on this event!

The inaugural meeting of the #WarwickTweetUp is today, Monday 7th March, but don't turn up unless you're on the guest-list as there's no more room! More TweetUps are already in the pipeline though so you'll get your chance (maybe!) to come and meet ourselves and the others.


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