Wells County Public Library

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This website was a long time coming. I knew I wanted to use a CMS to revamp our library website and was trying to decide between Joomla and Drupal. Then I read about Concrete5. I installed it, played with it and decided this was it. One goal for the new website was the ability for staff to be able to update their own content. Concrete5's user interface seemed so intuitive. Very small learning curve for our staff.


Add-Ons & Themes


Displays breadcrumb navigation as a block


ProBlog - Professional Blog

Pro Blogging features for your Concrete5 website. Add multiple blogs and authors to your Concrete5 website. Brought to you by http://goradiantweb.com


Rigid - Light

A sweet and FREE C5 theme with a Responsive Layout and custom blocks!


Random Image

Displays a different randomly-chosen image each time a page is viewed.


Whale Nivo Slider

Simple and minimalistic slider based on JQuery Nivo Slider. Contains 4 themes & plenty of transition effects.