World Entrepreneurs Network

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Who is World Entrepreneurs Network?

  • A World-wide community of entrepreneurs
  • Inside WEN, Entrepreneurs are locally organizedand globally connected
  • The Numbers 2011: 47 new businesses, 92 new jobs, Weekly email visibility of 12,000+ addresses, Calendars and Announcements reach 20,000+ weekly

WEN’s Mission?

  • A community enabling businesses to succeed and create jobs by gluing together an ecosystem of networking, support, talent and funding.
  • We assist entrepreneurs from idea to profit
  • We help small businesses to grow
  • We are entrepreneurs and small business owners enabling each other to succeed
    Promote community and collaboration between otherwise isolated industries and economies
  • We encourage local economic development which creates stable, local jobs

We are proudly sponsored by Concrete5!


Add-Ons & Themes


Add a calendar to your concrete5 site.


Ad Server

A powerful system to setup, track and manage ad spots across your site.


Domain Mapper

Map parked domain names to specific nodes on your site tree. This is an easy way to manage multiple websites with a single concrete5 install.


Document Library

Nicely display sets of downloadable files in sortable and searchable lists. Create private drop boxes for uploads. Many more features.



eCommerce for your concrete5 site. The official eCommerce add-on makes it easy to add and update products.


Discussion Forums

Add a complete and polished discussion forums system to your website.


GCalendar Viewer

Adds one or more Google calendar feeds to your website using the calendar's public or private xml l


Login Redirect

Send specific users or groups to specific destinations upon login. Easily managed through the user manager.


Link System

Let your users suggest searchable, categorized links; display thumbnails for each.


Data Display

The Data Display package for Concrete5 lets you easily manage and display gathered from the Advanced Forms add-on.


Content Slider

Create incredible transitions sliders based on a C5 Stacks


Mega Menu

Animated drop-down menu with multiple tiers plus site search, login integration & stack integration.



This is a resposive theme for Concrete5 ideal for all devices including smart phones, tablets and more.