Version 5.6 and earlier Training & Certification

Need to find an expert who can move your site? Want to make sure the designer you're about to hire can actually build with concrete5? Look for the certification badges on their profile pages.

There's no abstract distinctions for you to try to guess about. Each certification course is a quick multiple choice test that covers a very specific topic described below.

Get certified, and show what you know.

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Additional Details

  • A credit is debited from your account when you take a test, even if you fail the test.
  • Time to take each test is one minute per question.
  • Tests can be retaken after 24 hours.
  • Tests are typically made up of 25 multiple choice questions that are pulled from a larger pool of questions, with 20 correct answers required to pass.


Editor Track 

Making and Moving Content 5.6.1

Centralizing Content 5.6.1

Managing Users & Groups 5.6.1

Using Custom Attributes 5.6.1

Dashboard Administration 5.6.1

File Manager 5.6.1

Composer 5.6.1

Basic Permissions 5.6.1

Advanced Permissions 5.6.1

Basic Workflow 5.6.1

Designer Track

Theme Development 5.6.1

Advanced Theme Development 5.6.1

Developer Track

Developer Concepts 5.6.1

Working with the Database 5.6.1

Basic Block Development 5.6.1

Custom Templates 5.6.1

Advanced Block Development 5.6.1

Basic Application Development 5.6.1

Creating Packages 5.6.1

Upgrading and Moving Sites 5.6.1

Troubleshooting Strategies 5.6.1


Online Training

Want to get a jump on this stuff? Access to the complete recorded training sessions!