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Concrete5 version POPUP problem

Dear all, My website under concrete 5 versin doesnt allow popups to open with a youtube video inside, the popup opens up but empty. Can you help please? Im using POPUP PRO. Thank you

Cant edit page elements

I am still using verson and I have enabled Advanced permissions in error. This has now stopped any editing of elements on the pages. Even when I am logged in as superuser, and I've checked page and element permissions to be editable by Administra…

project not run get 500 error

Hello, I run project but I get following error "localhost is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500"

Export page content to a csv or xml file - Version 5.6.1

Hello I have an old C5 website in version 5.6.1 I need to export all the content of my pages to a csv file, or xml file or json file. I don't find in the dashboard how to do this. I've only found a "Export Database Tables" button but it isn't what…

Problems with thousands of session cookies please help

Not sure if I'm posting in the right place here! I'm a longtime occasional user of concrete5 with not a huge amount of technical knowledge about anything other than the front end. I have had problems forever with session cookies clogging up disk space…

Moved to new host and homepage redirects

Hiya, Migrating a 5.6 site (will upgrade when customer can afford it) and it has a temp web address until we update the NameServers. Updated all the DB connections and config, but when I hit the temp web address, it redirects to : http://www.mytemp…


All my websites built with concrete5, hosted by Bluehost are all down. I contacted bluehost but got no help..Can anyoen please help with useful information please.

Some blog entry pages timeout but others are fine

Hi I have a weird one here - I admin a site that has some blog entries that do not load and timeout after a few mins, but others are fine (it seems slightly older ones e.g. some 2016-2018 ones are affected, but 2019 and 2012-13 are fine). It's an older s…

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