5.7.x cache problem

Does someone else have a problem with the cache that the edit toolbar on the top of the browser window vanishes on certain pages?

This behavior does not seem to have any logical pattern. Sometimes the edit toolbar is visible on a certain page, sometimes not. On most pages it seems to be visible most of the time, but some pages are problematic. All the pages should have exactly the same, global settings.

When I turn the cache off, I do not face this problem anymore.

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weyboat replied on at Permalink Reply
If this is on a live site, see if the hosting company has deployed 'Varnish' cache on its server.
If it has, try switching it off in 'Control Panel'
paltto replied on at Permalink Reply
OK. We have checked this out. We do not have Varnish installed.

Any other suggestions? :)
paltto replied on at Permalink Reply
The cache setting "on if blocks allow it on a page" seems to solve this problem in both version 5.x and 8.x. The home pages of locales seem to be particularly problematic.