Automated jobs

On a new site. I ran automated jobs and they all ran fine but
Index Search Engine - All
Check Automated Groups
Just kept running. I let them run for 30 minutes with no luck..
Any Ideas on how to fix this ??


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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Try not to double post, it's a real pain.

C5 version, URL?

Which way did you run the tests?

For some reason certain ways of hitting buttons in the list has thrown an error for me.
rdealmeida replied on at Permalink Reply
OOps... me bad...must have hit the post button twice.. ( not enough coffee )
anyways.. it's 5.7.9
and under the automated jobs
" index search engine " and " check automated groups " just keeps running
all the other jobs run for a minute or two then stop and turn green..
These two stay running..

Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
If a job throws an Exception rather than an \Exception, this can occur. Obviously this shouldn't happen, but maybe it is. Try digging around for c5/php/apache error logs.