how to disable 'C5/application/files/cache/css/elemental/main.css'

keeps cacheing or pasting the styling back in after i've edited... WHY? :(

I was getting along so well with 5.7 until this.

I just would like to know how to disable the
in the elemental theme

Can anyone help with this?

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jordif replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

the new theme customizer in 5.7 uses LESS.

The main.css file is generated automatically from the .less files located in the theme folder.

So to change the ".container:last-child" style you mention, you need to edit the following file: /concrete/themes/elemental/css/build/content.less

Then make sure to clear the cache and the new main.css file should include your changes.

hope this helps!

ShardCode replied on at Permalink Reply
I miss read your reply at first, I thought you said “the new theme customizer in 5.7 useLESS.”

Anyway, YES Jordi this sorts the problem completely & helped. Sorry I couldn’t work it our myself I’m blonde you see..
Flora replied on at Permalink Reply
I've been having the same problem. Do you happen to know what file I would find the nav styles to update them, such as header nav ul li ? Do I have to look through every .less file to find where all the styles are?
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
I think all header less styles can be found in elemental/css/build/header.less. Everything in the build directory should be reasonably organized into separate files, including custom styles provided by the theme and custom styles attached to different block types.
sully210 replied on at Permalink Reply
I am using and this is not fixing my problem. I have modified the defaults.less file to make the changes I want but I am still getting a cached file with the old styles. If I change the [code]@header-site-title-type-color[code] to #3780cf, for example, my changes appear. I can change anything I want to in that file and the changes appear but when I change the styles that they reference in the defaults.less file, the changes do not appear and my site references the main.css file in cache no matter how many times I delete it or clear my cache through my dashboard. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Also, when i go to my cpanel, the changes are made in the defaults.less file but the site just keeps on pulling up the old cache file.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

Did you customize the color for Header > Site Title? If so, I believe that will override any value you add to defaults.less. Have you reset your customizable styles to defaults?
Toolbar > Page Settings (gear icon) > Design > Theme > Customize > Reset Customizations button
- This will clear all customizations.

Have you cleared your browser cache?

Are you running Varnish or other web hosting cache tools?
david1983 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi There

pulling my hair out, juts done loads of css edits to a template and it keeps adding all the css to the below root?

how can i sort this so it doesnt cache all my files, just want to be able to update the template main.css and thats it!

driving me nuts

please help

application/files/cache etc etc

MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

Which CSS file are you editing?

What do you mean by "keeps adding all the css to the below root"?

What theme are you using?