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I was playing around with the customizing the theme Fundamental and added a background image to the Header Image area. Now I don't want it there, but seems to be no way to delete it. If I click the background image button within the Fundamental/Customize Theme/Header Image area, I only get a choice to choose a new image, not delete the one that's there. Ideas?

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bmtauer replied on at Permalink Reply
We just had this trouble and discovered that if you go to the little gear-like icon for advanced options and choose clear styles it will remove the background image. We are using a different theme, but it might be similar. Basically, it was confusing and not at all obvious how to remove a background image once it had been set.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

This is a current limitation of the theme customizable styles. There is a workaround though.

Use a 1px transparent PNG file as the default image in the theme customizable style. Using the transparent PNG, this will make the default state transparent (using only 150 bytes or so), allowing new background images to be selected and removed by clearing them.

There is an active issue for this. I recommend commenting if you would like for this feature to be added.

"Add ability to select "no image" in style presets for images #1929"
vacacreative replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I know this is an few-year-old glitch, but if anyone still has this issue today, I figured out the best way to clear a background from the design section of your theme. It's an easy work-around that just requires an extra few steps.

1. Navigate to the background setting that you are attempting to remove. Go ahead and click the "choose new file" button.
2. Select any image, does not matter which, to be set as a new background. **Important: DO NOT HIT SAVE, or you will need to start back at step 1.
3. If the background setting pop-up menu has dissapeared, just click back into the background you just changed. Now it will show a cued-up preview thumbnail of the image you just selected from your files. Click the blue box (see screenshot attached) that the thumbnail is nested in and it will give you a new menu of options to choose from including "Clear".

I hope this helps!