Date format stuck on US???

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So is there any way to change the date so that it isn't American format? ALl of my customers hate the US style date of month/day/year and EVERY single one of my clients prefers the UK date style of day/month/year.

Is there any way to change this is 5.7???

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tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply

may help you out
Mainio replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply 1 Attachment
How to change this depends on where you want to change this.

If you mean those places in the concrete5's own interface, all you need to do is to add a British English translation file which swaps out the date/time format ("n/j/Y" string).

I've attached an en_GB translation folder in this message that only contains that translation (no others). Extract that folder into your /application/languages directory.

After this you need to apply this translation to the system. There are two ways to do this:

1. System wide setting (system default, affects all users if there is no setting set for the user)
System & Settings > Basics > Languages > Default Language

2. User specific settings
- Go to Members search
- Select the user
- Change the user's language ("Language" on the right side of the page)

After one of these is done, clear the concrete5's cache.

If you meant some other place, there might be something else you need to do.
garyjhills replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks so Much Mainio, that is exactly what I needed.


anete replied on at Permalink Reply
How can I make that change for 5.6?
Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
For 5.6 you could do the same as indicated for 5.7 but the languages directory is at the root of the site (/languages). Or you could refer to the tallacman's cheatsheet link that points out this configuration:

I'm not sure how well that works for 5.6, though. I stopped doing this at one point when there was a bug that made all the page dates to year 1970 if they were change when the date format was changed (since it the system still matched the US format when saving the page).

Haven't checked since whether that has been fixed but you could check it yourself and post your results here!

I tested the above in 5.7 and it worked without problems there. There have been some fundamental changes to better localization/internationalization in 5.7.
anete replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you,I uploaded your file and implemented it in the Basics/languages and that changed the date field in the form to be correct, but the calendar view was still US. I found this post which showed me what to put in the site.php file. I implemented that and now all seems to be working fine.

Thanks for your help. Hope this helps someone else still using 5.6.
adaptive replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you, your suggestion for 5.7 worked for me.
I am surprised that British English is not an option at install, the UK market ought to be in Concrete5's top ten.
Kiesel replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, that worked for me. Partly. The German date format is different than the British. It's like: 01.05.2015. So how can I work with an English language but having the German date format I'm used to?

Is there an easy way to achieve this - like in 5.6?
gavthompson replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Mainio!