generated_overrides/app.php gets completely erased

I have a client of mine on GoDaddy (not my choice). I've never had this happen before. Every few weeks the file located at:


gets completely erased resulting in the website going down. I'm having a hard time finding when this file gets written to. I even set the permissions of the file to 777.

Can anyone help? To fix this I simply return an empty array and things go back to normal.

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stephendmalloy replied on at Permalink Reply
Just a quick update on this. During my testing today (this happened again) after returning an empty array, closing the file and then reopening a few minutes later, the file was correctly generated by Concrete5. It appears that sometimes, randomly this file is just wiped of its contents. I'm still having issues finding when this file is written to and by what part of the API. If anyone has an idea it would be most appreciated :) Thanks!