Has anyone tried developing customizable stylesheets on 5.7?

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I have been working with 5.6 since last year and really love it. Now since 5.7 is released, i am wondering how you go about making customizable CSS. I opened up the elemental theme and the main.css is now main.less and it also has a corresponding xml (which i think handles stylesheet customization). Do I need to learn LESS to make my future themes with 5.7 stylesheet customizable? Maybe im thinking too far ahead and should wait for the official documentation but if anyone has any knowledge about this it would certainly help me decide if I should start learning LESS.


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clorne replied on at Permalink Reply
I too would like to know
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jordif replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

these days I'm updating my themes to 5.7 and the theme customizer is really very nice :)

Yes, to use the theme customizer you'll need to learn LESS, but it's pretty straight forward and easy to learn (besides it's widely used, so worth learning).

As for how the theme customizer works, there's a very useful video on Youtube (it was recorded some months ago, but most things are still valid)


Hope this helps,

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thank you! very insightful.