How long will concrete 5.7.x be supported?

Does someone happen to know how long will concrete 5.7.x be supported? I wonder when you absolutely must update to 8.x. I did not find information about this anywhere.

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Not sure if they ever mentioned a time span as for how long they will support 5.7. I've read they will be applying security patches when needed, so it will always be safe to keep using 5.7.

You don't HAVE to upgrade to 8.0, but there are a few new neat features available and it will have updates every few weeks/months. Don't expect 5.7 to have updates too, next to version 8.x. This new version is leading. Add-ons from the marketplace will be more towards the new(est) version as well, instead of a more "older" version - which 5.7 just is right now. There are quite a few development changes in 8.0, so developers won't always have a 5.7 and 8.x version available!

Keep these things in mind. Also that 8.x will probably be faster as it will have more and more updates with the lastest available tech.
paltto replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for this information!

If someone finds official information about this, please let us all know.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
(I could be wrong here, this needs input from Franz or Andrew) I am under the impression that v8 is the continued support of 5.7, so problems found in any 5.7 or v8 core will only be resolved by updates to v8.
paltto replied on at Permalink Reply
This is an interesting question for sure.

The life cycles of these different versions could be told somewhere. In addition, what they really mean, e.g. will there still be updates to 5.7.x.
paltto replied on at Permalink Reply
The version 5.x still seems to be supported. Does anyone know how long?