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HI Folks,

I am new on here so its my first post, although I have been using concrete for some time.

ANyway I am using concrete 5.7 and I made a new site, didnt do anything differently but for some reason I am getting this error when I try to edit the home page:

Call to undefined method Concrete\Core\Localization\Localization::pushActiveContext()

It only affects the home page, every other page is fine, But the thing is I managed to put content in initially so why not now? Have I changed a setting somewhere or is it to do with the template?

Cheers in Advance

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi AuroraTim,

What version of 5.7 are you using?

Is your site multilingual?

I would temporarily enable full debug errors and reply back with the full error screenshot.
Dashboard > System & Settings > Environment > Debug Settings > Error Detail > Show the debug error output

Are you using a custom theme? If so, if you activate the default Elemental theme, do you still experience the error?