Page type and area name insanity

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I have recently been comparing themes. The variation I found in page type and area names is absolutely insane. Lack of standardisation makes it harder to switch between themes and leads sites into dead ends that inhibit subsequent changes.

From the 115 themes I tested, there are:
- 102 different page types (and that is just the .php page types)
- 422 area and global area names

(see attached lists)

Some of the variation comes from existing conventions not being followed or enforced.
Much of the variation comes from developers continually re-inventing the wheel.

Its way too late to standardise this mess for 5.6, but with 5.7 being a 'breaking' update and requiring code work for any addon or theme, maybe now is also the time to bring both of these ridiculous levels of variation down to a more manageable number.

So, to open the discussion:
How can the 5.7 core enforce greater standardisation on area names and page type names?

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enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
Insanity might not be the proper word to use. The idea behind c5 to many new users is "oh, I can pick any theme I want and go". Simply NOT the case as is. If you're not a developer that has a good idea how to manipulate page types and the areas within you're stuck. Changing to a new theme can be quite the process.

There are always going to be areas and page types that don't coincide with each other, but a convention for all basic page types and areas within should be met in regards to a "basic setup"!
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm just adding a link to the more active discussion on github
workndawg replied on at Permalink Reply
115 ??? that must have been a pile of work or you go at code writing speed.

Rockettheme is a real joke about renaming crap. Gantry 5 is now particles and atoms!
Standardization is always the way to go.