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Contact Form submission notifications stopped working???

Hello, The contact form on my site has quit working properly. A form submission will show up on the "Form submissions" link in my dashboard but I never receive the email and I do not want to have to login to the site every day to see if a form has been…

Make only one video to be played at once

Hello, I'm adding YouTube videos to my CMS site pages. Can anyone help me to enable this feature - when we play a YouTube video then other videos in the site has to pause. Appreciate your help. Thanks! Mohammed

Image path in editor

Hi all I got a problem in 5.6 version where all images in editor not are shown please idears welcome

Can't Load Pics or Access File Manager

Hi, It has only been in the last 2 months i have not been able to fully edit a website I am in charge of for a non profit org. (http://curlyrescue.com) Anytime I want to edit, I can sign in, hit "edit page" and even get the dialog box to open up as if to…

Troubles with index.php

I'm working with version 5.6 (if I already told my client that we should update it but still not authorize me) The problem is that I made some changes and I do not see them reflected as my URL is not updated correctly. I have the pretty URLs enabled to…

Block only visible for SuperAdmin

I created a new Page Type (Test) Then i go to Pages & Themes -> Page Types -> Edit Form Then i add a set -> add a form control that is content block and give it a name(xyz). Then Pages & Themes -> Page Types -> Output -> Edit Defaults When i…


Warning: mysqli_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, objec

Localization Error

HI Folks, I am new on here so its my first post, although I have been using concrete for some time. ANyway I am using concrete 5.7 and I made a new site, didnt do anything differently but for some reason I am getting this error when I try to edit …

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