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Editing in file Manager not loading

The File Manager works all good except for the edit on the file manager. It just loads for a bit and then is blank. I don't get any console errors when inspecting the source and doing this process. # concrete5 Version

Can't Delete Order

I was just testing out the store and how it would handle downloads and now I'm trying to delete my fake orders and I get this error. Any help would be appreciated. Call to undefined method Concrete\Package\VividStore\Src\VividStore\Order\Order::getS…

Footer navigation missing, landing pages show /index.php/contact/

I've just uploaded a new site on C5 5.6 with the Slate theme, but there are two issues: One is that all landing pages show site.com/index.php/contact/ instead of site.com/contact/ The other is there is a block of footer links that displays perfectly…

isGlobalArea() on Null

I'm currently trying to figure out a bug on a website we run that's built on concrete5. When we try and add a block to an area to override a parent block, we get a failed request with this response from the server. Response output below. [code]{ "…


Hi, Someone can tell me when I create on dashboard one single page on Concrete the variable return NULL and the page appears empty, just appear NULL. My version of my PHP is 7.1.7. Thanks, I will wait an answer.

Issues with concrete5

Hello I am working on a website, with concrete5 5.7.2 I believe. It will not allow me to edit or anything when I am logged in as admin. I am going to upload the screen. Everything is grayed out and not able to do anything. What do I need to do?

Shared link widget not working in Home Page

Hi, I am using shared link widget script and added in all the page types. The widget seems to be working on all the pages except Home Page. Can anyone guide us how to solve this? Thanks in advance!

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