Magic Tabs Add On

If a product just doesn't meet my needs, is there a simple way to return for refund? It seems unnecessarily complicated and the product didn't have a live demo of it's features.

Flag by google - Mobile viewport too small

This is not a bug but been flag by google for 3 items for mobile viewport as follow: 1.Text too small to read. 2.Clickable elements too close together. 3.Viewport not set. (Viewport not set to "device-width") As I am not a coder, I tried correc…

Регистрация ООО, ИП, ликвидация, реорганизация. Онлайн сервис

Регистрация ООО, ИП, ликвидация, реорганизация. Онлайн сервис открыть ооо регистрация доверенность на регистрацию ооо ооо регистрация под ключ хочу открыть бизнес частное предприятие регистрация ликвидация смена генерального директора в ооо р…

Block Carousel for Cycling through Stacks?

So i need a little push in the right direction. I know what i want but not quite sure how to go about it. What im looking to create is a Custom Carousel Block - except it allows me to choose from my list of stacks. Allowing me to display one stack for …

Table of content

Hi everyone, having a block that lets you create a TOC would be quite handy, particullary for building intranet sites. There used to be a great plugin just for that, yet it is no longer available for newer c5 versions:…

Error after deleting slider

I had to remove a featured addon of a theme to get the site to come back up. Now that it is deleted, I am unsure what is needed to get it to show back up so that it can be edited. I know this needs to be done in the database but not sure of the table sett…

Multilingual from Code

The following code show select control but doesn't work when changing selection. $bt = BlockType::getByHandle('switch_language'); $bt->render('view'); How to use language selection with label?

unexpected error

Hi! How can I fix this error: the identifier id is missing for a query of Concrete\Core\Entity\Express\Form? Thanks!

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