Photo uploads

Hi we have a members area where users have to sign in to access, I would like to add the ability for members to upload photos for use in galleries. Would anyone know of an add on or a way to do this please?

Looking for .. carousel news

Hi everybody, I am using Concrete 8.2.1 I need to install a carousel ou slider with one news ans to show another one after delay...and another one .. and .. Any suggestion to do that with 8.2.1 ? I buy one add-on : pages-carousel, but I need Concr…

next-previous block

Hallo! How can I get arrows for the next_previous block? I want only arrows to navigate through a scond site-level, is this possibel by an easy way? (and no link names) Thx.


I have a new addon for taking screengrabs, device camera/webcam/selfies and drag & drop uploading from in-page with title/description entry and image editing before upload. Its currently under review and awaiting marketplace approval. In the mean time …

Upgrade to concrete 8.3, I can't see the blocks from ADD Blocks

I had a forced update with many problems due to incompatibility with php 7.2, however, it was possible to achieve it but now it is impossible for me to see the blocks from the edit tab, I cannot add my basic blocks that are already installed, the person w…

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