Add Google Maps API key

How can I add my Google Maps API key to a maps block? Without an API key, the maps block diplays: Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. I read here https://www.…

custom block for adding list

i want to create a custom block for adding list. i want to add a button my add.php just like image slider(add slide) to add new entry in the list. can some one provide me code for this button which adds text area for new entry

Custom block Type for image and text together

i need a custom block type in which i could add image and text toggether. like image on left and text on right. i'm not good in php so i'm having difficulties. thanks in advance :) regards zia

Shibboleth based authentication support

Hi, is there any support for Shibboleth for the last released version of Concrete5? Do you have any suggestion on how could I proceed in order to get my installation work with shibboleth? Thank you all.

Popup on page load

Hi, I want a pop up to appear once a certain page loads, I'm trying to find an addon that can do that but can't find one, is there an addon that i missed? if not, is there a simple way to do so since I'm not that good with development? Thank you …

Issue with a block

Firstly - not sure where to post this - apologies if I chose the wrong forum. I have a block called Simple Event (which i can no longer find in the Add-ons but still works on my site, When I click on it to try to go to the block page I get logged out.. T…

survey results sent immediately to my email account

Hello! I love being with Concrete5. What I want is an add-on that will be a short survey, such as to ask for their email address and their name. Then when they click, I want the survey results (their email address & name) sent immediately to my email a…

zoomer add on

When viewing my web site,, on a phone or a tablet I cannot finger scroll if I am touching an image. I have used the "Zoomer" add on for the images. Is there a fix for this?

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