Combining accordion block with list files from sets

I wasn't to be able to list files from a set inside the accordion block for concrete It is annoying that the expand/collapse block is not able to run in this version of concrete. I looked at WordPress and they have numerous plug ins that can do what I want. How ever I do not want to have to migrate to WordPress to do what I want to do. Help would be greatly appreciated

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jero replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not sure what the accordion block is - presumably one from the marketplace?

Unless that block allows you to select a file set, you're not really going to have much luck getting it to do what you want. A better bet would be to try something like the free and then create a custom template to implement the accordion, most likely borrowing code from the accordion block.

I wouldn't recommend Wordpress for anything more exciting than a simple blog, because although it has plugins to do pretty much anything, they are sometimes of dubious quality and those that handle files invariably implement their own file uploader and that's where the security holes open up.
premiere replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes the accordion block is from the market place. I will do a google search on how to create a custom block and try what you suggested.
Thanks for the help
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You could use Magic Tabs configured to give an accordion view.
premiere replied on at Permalink Reply
Can I use the file list from sets in this. Basically I need an accordion style listing with the ability to add files to a file set and they show up. I am trying to make this process easy for the people to add documents to the site without having to create blocks, link to documents ect.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Magic tabs works by placing tabs blocks between other blocks. When the page renders, it is transformed into a set of tabs (or accordions). So you can have a List Files block in a tab/accordion section, or several List Files blocks, each in a tab/accordion section. What you can't do is split a single List Files block across several tab/accordion sections.

So, for example:
Magic Tabs block "Set A"
List FIles from Set A
Magic Tabs Block "Here we are"
A content block
A google maps block
Magic Tabs Block
A content block "Set B"
List Files from Set B
Magic Tabs block "Set 2"
List Files from Set C
Magic Tabs End block

Would break the area into 4 tabs/accordion sections named Set A, Here we are, Set B and Set C.

Accordion sections are the responsive behaviour of tabs. Above a configurable display width, it renders tabs. Below the width, it renders accordions. Set the width limit arbitrarily high and you get accordions on any size display.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Having used magic Tabs as an accordion in a project recently and I can say that plugin is as flexible as it gets.

I used it to hide/show layouts with blocks and gave it custom designing and it didn't flinch.
premiere replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you very much, you just saved me a ton of time ad frustration....and to all I appologize thinking that WP would be better.....yeah NOT!...I will implament this tonight.