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If a product just doesn't meet my needs, is there a simple way to return for refund? It seems unnecessarily complicated and the product didn't have a live demo of it's features.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The documentation for Magic Tabs is written using magic Tabs, linked from the marketplace pages. There are 15 pages of demonstrations of what can be done.

For refunds, please open a support request using the Get Help link on the marketplace page.
dnascimben replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm new to Concrete5 and still finding my way around. Coming from a graphic design background (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Muse) I'm having trouble learning which tools I'll need to execute my design ideas. Also I think the theme I'm using may be conflicting with some of the settings in Magic Tabs. Or it may require css knowledge to do some things that I'd much rather have available as options in the interface. For instance, I was trying to create a simple drop down that would activate on rollover of the icon to reveal the content below and couldn't get it. Also could not change the color of the icon. This could be more complex than would be useful to me.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Magic Tabs comes with many different block templates. Some inherit styling from themes for a minimal work implementation. For example, in bootstrap based themes the default and bootstrap templates are designed to blend with the theme. The default template also blends well with most foundation based themes. Some templates are completely independent of themes, such as 'self contained starter'.

For developing a theme specific template the easiest starting point is one of the self contained starter templates. Just copy and rename the starter into /application/blocks/jl_magic_tabs/templates/... (as you would for any custom block template). Within the templates there are excessive comments detailing what/where to make changes, such as css styles for tab and icon colours.

Magic Tabs also integrates with Button Designer, so buttons created with Button Designer can be used for tabs.

Addressing your question about content revealing on hover, that is a fundamentally non-tab behaviour. Hover is not available on touch devices. Tabs or accordions open with a click (or touch) event so as to not exclude more than 50% of visitors for most web sites.

As I noted previously, for support of any marketplace addon or theme, please use the 'Get Help' link on the associated marketplace page. The 'Block Requests' forum is for help with creating new blocks, not support of marketplace blocks.

If you open a support request through the 'Get Help' link on the Magic Tabs marketplace page, there is a section for pasting your environment details - including theme - which will facilitate providing more specific assistance.