reservation / booking / event / calendar add-on

I've posted this in the 5.7 forum, but got no reactions, so i thought i'll try again by posting it here.

I think concrete5 is in need of a nice event and reservation system. I know the ProEvent add-on, but the new version is missing the possibility for a reservation form. Also the developer doesn't react on questions. So i was wondering if maybe someone is working or on (or planning to work on) a second add-on for events, calendars and booking systems.

Sooo, my question is: Does someone know of a second add-on coming up to fill this big hole of reservation systems in 5.7?

Or maybe someone know of a simple way to work with a standard form together with ProEvents? For now I just need a reservation by e-mail, nothing fancy.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi buurvrouw,

There is an add-on under PRB review for "registration / reservation / booking".

There is no ETA on when the add-on will be available in the marketplace.
buurvrouw replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh that is very good news! Thanks for letting me know!

No ETA, but 'under review in PRB', does this usually mean days, weeks or months before release?

Or do you maybe know the name of the developer, so i can ask him if i can beta-test? I have to deliver a site with reservation possibilities next month... and don't want to get back to 5.6 on new sites.
micrdy replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah that's me. Look for the addon Registration Calendar in 5.6 marketplace and Check the Demo if it fits your needs. If this is what you Need I could send you the 5.7 Package via mail.
buurvrouw replied on at Permalink Reply
Ah thanks for stepping in here! I've looked at the add-on and it's a nice feature, but i'm looking for a bit more i think. I need the functionality of ProEvents, but with a booking-form attached. In 5.6 there was the ProForms add-on to complete this functionality. But for 5.7. this is missing.
Also the developer is not very active in support, so i guess if someone steps in this lack of event&booking (think courses, events, b&b, hotel, etc) functionality by developing a good add-on, i think it will sell good.
melange replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Micrdy,

I can not see the Registration Calendar listed. Can you provide a link? What I am looking for is essentially an appointment booking form for a psychotherapy practice. Id be interested to see what you have.

Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you not see my reply to your other post?

Take a look at:

It's free and can be configured to meet your needs??
sumera replied on at Permalink Reply
have you completed Registration Calendar in 5.6 ?
Davidgnomo replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm finishing to create a page for a cottages houses and I need incorporate a block with a calendar to view the availability of houses. Only that, the administrator can mark the days that houses are occupied and that users see such availability. Reservations will be by mail or phone call.

I hope your help me.
Thanks so much.
anete replied on at Permalink Reply
I also think such an add-on would be great. In the meantime I have used the Availability Booking Calendar from phpjabbers quite a few times. It's simple to implement and quite customisable. Their support is fantastic. You might want to check it out at
I just load the code into an html block. Works fine.
melange replied on at Permalink Reply

I was wondering if there to you understanding has been any movement on a bookings/ appointments add-on. I have had a pretty good look and do not see one. I would love a booking appointments add-on . In that one can select available date/time and if possible built in payment paypal option. Id pay for that if someone can do it.

sk01 replied on at Permalink Reply

where is this addon?