Table or Block?


I have a sort of question/problem to all of you.
I want to make a sort of gig list as an extended table but I want to be flexibel to add , edit, and move gigs.
Now I use a simple Table with date, place, location and time.
But I would like to make the table rows more fancy, more separate and I would like to put more information in every gig row, like a picture and the google maps location etc.
I don't like the calendar blocks because they show only months and I need a sort of list of events just on a page where you can scroll down.

Is it perhaps an idea to buy the simple block editor and make a standard block where all info has to filled in. And for every new gig I add a block ??

Anyone who has experience with this?

The link to my gig list is

Hope someone can help me?

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alxbob8 replied on at Permalink Reply
I meant to buy the block designer!
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe use a blog, but edit the dates to match the gig dates rather than the blog post dates.
alxbob8 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JohntheFish,
yeah might be an idea but then I have to joggle a bit with dates.

But is a block designer not easier when I need to design the layout?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Adding a custom template to the core page list is fairly straight forward (and a blog index is really just a page list). There are already options for sorting and filtering by dates including future dates. There are also plenty of page list custom template variants in the marketplace and posted on the forums and elsewhere that can serve as alternate starting points or just for education.

The actual pages for events are just collections of blocks, so you can do pretty much what you want with them, add pictures, galleries, maps, forms.....

A lot depends on where you skill-set is and personal preference.