Upgrade to concrete 8.3, I can't see the blocks from ADD Blocks

I had a forced update with many problems due to incompatibility with php 7.2, however, it was possible to achieve it but now it is impossible for me to see the blocks from the edit tab, I cannot add my basic blocks that are already installed, the person who developed the page leave it and I am trying (Im new in concrete5) please help! thanks!

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Saintlouissss replied on at Permalink Reply
When we edit a page and add any of these blocks in a new page, it's not possible to This doesn't happen with concrete5 blocks, but we cannot see any dif 9-sep-2020 Update: I forgot to say that our Concrete5 version is 8.3.2. happen with the original concrete blocks but only with our custom oneshttp://www.mcdvoice.us/
erycervantes1 replied on at Permalink Reply
do you have the same problem?