Would love a great new simple booking form with timeslots

I've tried to manage this with ProEvents and ProForms. But some basic functions are missing. So that's why I would love to hear when someone is going to develop, or developed a great simple booking form. One that's not only simple for the customers, but also for the users.

The thing that I'm missing is the following, you can't do something with some simple steps. For example, I've different events, on different dates, on different locations and with different timeslots and availability.

The happy flow on frontend should be:
Choose the location where you want to make a reservation -> you see the available dates -> select a timeslot -> fill in your personal information.

Simple enough right? But now the blocks are only working with a calendar view. That's not really conveniant when you only have 6 dates in the whole year.

Allright, there is a list view, but when 8 timeslots one 6 differents dates is configured. It is a list of 48 events(!).. Make this on two different locations.. You will get 96 events..

And adding dates/events should be also a lot more easier. Adding each time slot should be as easy as it gets. For each timeslot I've now to fill in 7(!) fields. So something that you can copy/past your timeslot or add a new timeslot next to it would be awesome.

Let me know what you guys think about it. The simpler the solution the better!

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Could you set it up so that your Locations are a normal content page that would contain the Event List, then your Events could be just the available dates of the Event and then the Timeslot be an option on the registration form for that Event?

This might be a bit over simplified but this would seem like it would account for most of the issues that you are having and give you almost the same flow that you were looking for.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
This is not true. You can set up ProEvents Date Question Type to listen for a click eID from any list view or calendar that does just that - predisposes your booking form to event pricing info and time slots.

I have explained this three times now.

- go to your booking form in ProForms, edit the ProEvents Date question, set it to "listen for eID"


Now any event clicked on from a list view establishes what event you're talking about.

RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
What you should do is have a form for each location with a list view for each location.

If you'd like, you can pay us to set this up for you. It's really not hard at all and several booking & reservations sites are using this very happily that have far more than two locations.

It's all in how you set it up. I think you just have something in your head that it should work in X way...but that may not be the best way honestly.

here are some examples:


If we made the apps to accommodate only one need, we rule out the other two. There are three distinct booking needs. Daily, Onetime, & Hourly.

Did you read this article at all??? http://goradiantweb.com/blog/design/bookings-reservations-proforms-...

FischerVision replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
This simpler solution isn't better, or what isn't true?

You can explain what you want, but you don't listen.

I'm telling that the list isn't friendly when using multiple events on the same day, a.k.a timeslots.
View the image I've attached, and know that this list goes on and on.. This is made with timeslots of 30 minutes = 14 timeslots on one day. Make this for only 3 days recurring and you'll have a list of 42 items...

And then try to say that the list is user friendly.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
You can do it however you want.

You're not really suggesting anything though. Your not presenting a "better" way - you're just complaining about how you currently have it implemented (which is not at all the only way btw)

Here is a simple fact, no matter what package you use - there is no "magical" way to know if what time slot on what day you are talking about. You have to tell the application what time/day your booking.

I don't really care how you get there. You don't like list views???? don't use them.

It's not my job to design your website for $70.

It's my job to provide you tools to do that. And they do.

The tools are there. If you're not a developer, then you should hire one. It's completely unreasonable to expect me, the developer of tools, to build out your website and consult with you every step of the way.

If that's the case, then I am changing the cost of the product.

You are more than welcome to develop your own custom views that present links and eID's any way you want.

My advice to you is to separate out as much as possible and use navigation to help get you to where you feel the list is not overwhelming just like the example linked above.

Best of luck to you.

FischerVision replied on at Permalink Reply

I was not pointing this post towards you. I've implied multiple times some improvements before, but you are just hiding from the facts that some things would make it more friendlier to the users. You don't want to hear it. It's fine, and I'm not saying I can build this. No, but I'm hoping someone else can.
And if someone builds it more friendlier, I would be the first one the pay a lot more than $70,-.

And indeed, I'm not using the list views anymore, and I'm looking for a better way to let my customers make a reservation for a lot of different occassions. But you're just constantly turning back to the list views, because you don't listen. Try it sometimes.

And your tools do the job indeed. They do, it's only not very friendly. You wan't a hint? For example, let a form in ProForms being copied. But when you edit a question in form A, don't let the edit go through to form B. It's kinda screws the other form up.

I don't mind a discussion, but you want to make an argue out of some feedback.. If you want to talk about a 'better' way to handle your extensions, that's great. Tell me how you want it and I'll provide it. I hope we have the same thing in common: make concrete5 and the extensions even better.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
If you take the time to articulate presentation for hourly booking in a way that passes an eID to communicate what event to book...I am more than happy to consider adding it to the package.

Again, I have suggested how you should do this:

- have pages per venue or class. 1 for 1
- have navigation to those pages
- present a view (list or custom view of ProEvents that presents DAYS in a way that you feel is user friendly)
- user clicks on day and goes to form that is set to listen for eID and presents "chose a time"


RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
I think what is making this feel ominous for you is that it is listing all hours. That said, It seems all you really want is a simple day list that does not list hours. Hours have to be parsed out on the booking form anyway. So there really is no need for them in your case.

So if you copy /packages/proevents/blocks/pro_event_list/view.php over to /blocks/pro_event_list/view.php

You can edit the iteration of events there and simply remove the time echo's (the code is pretty well articulated whereas timeslots code should be evident)

In doing so, the experience would be:

- user navigates to specific class or venue
- user finds the day they would like to take a class (if it's a span of days, then you shouldn't be doing hourly at all)
- user clicks on day, goes to form and selects a time & books.

FischerVision replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you. I'm going to try this soon and trying to make this work in combination with magic Tabs -> javascript errors. I'll let you know how it went.

Thank you for just pointing me in the right direction. This is all I asked for.
pendragn replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello FischerVision...did you ever get this working?

I too am looking for a way to do booking of events on my site, and need to find a nice / simple / elegant solution my my pretty straightforward needs. Thanks!
FischerVision replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Pendragn,

I got this sort of working.. It's not the best way, but the improvements that I made didn't seem to interest Chad. I'll make a short list of what I've done and what I've accomplished. Than you can pick your/mine improvements and I'll post them.

I'll get back to you later this day.
pendragn replied on at Permalink Reply
Awesome, thanks!
FischerVision replied on at Permalink Reply
So there are a couple of conditions/wishes that I had.

I've a customer that has a lot of clients.

All of those clients had to get a unique page and a unique form with their own dates.

So my basic idea was that I create a page as a template and I would copy the page and change the name and the path of the page. Than I would create new dates for that client and only change the form 'datePicker'. And I should be done. But that doesn't work.
This could work, but than the datePicker has to be set on 'pick eID' and the new problem is that you would need 2 pages (your changed template page & a calender list page). Because 'pick eID' doesn't work when a list is shown on the same page & then again, the 'eID' are dynamic. So that didn't work and there goes the simplicity of a single page reservation form with tabs and information..

So I've played with it a lot. Now my new work routine, it's the fastest way in this case.

The conditions:
-We are working with different timeslots. 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes.
-A client sometimes has more than one location
-Each client has their own page (where only their employees can book)
-The logo of each client has to be implemented on that page, quick and simple as do their brand name
-The confirmation mails has to be having the location in the header and text (also their brand name)

What I have:
-A template page, with the headers, brandnames, etc, automaticly changing to the page name (e.g. Brandname).
-3 templates in events calender (30 min - 45 min - 60 min)
-Template form fields (standard personal information, name, adres, etc)

A new client:
When I have a new client I'm walking through some steps
1. I'm copying the template page into the appropiate destination. And I'm changing the name of the page (which will be the brand name) and that will be editted automaticly on the whole page (which is divided in 5 tabs). So the page is ready in a couple of clicks.
2. Within ProEvents I'm copying the template of the timeslots, the one that I need at that moment. The name of the event will be the location, and the category will be the clients name/brand name. When editing the dates I now only have to change the dates (copy/paste, yay!). Maybe delete some of the template timeslots or just add some, but this are exceptions. And you only have to set the availability.
3. Make a new form for the new brand name. And set the template fields active in this field. Now the only real manual thing you have to do, is to set the new DatePicker and Autoresponder (when using). You'll need to the the category of the datepicker and you're done with this.
4. The last thing you have to do is to change the Form on the new page that you created. So the only thing is edit the form, and set it to the newly created form.
And that's about it. And it's all in one page.

I've also changed the autoresponder notation in the e-mail. The dates are more nicely shown and I've changed "date:" in the Category name. So you'll know on which location the reservation is been made.

I'd like personally that one more improvement. And that is to change the jQuery calender into a small clickable list with only the dates that can be chosen.
Because now I have in a text: We will be at X date on Y location.
And the customer has to search for that date, and pick a timeslot. It would be better to click the location and click the date after. And not to have to scroll/search for the appropiate date..

That's about it. Let me know if you want something more explained.
Also let me know how it went!
zuna replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, i`m not sure if this can help you, when i had a problem with a form for more than a hundred of different users, i needed the form sent email for each one in their own page,take the user email, etc.. , sorry my english, well i asked JohntheFish for his Magic Data, and the addon it`s fantastic, i think can resolve your problems. May be you can ask him.
FischerVision replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the tip! I'll look into it this weekend!