Calendar - PHP or Flash Recommendation

Has anyone integrated an editable php or flash calendar/event component into the mix yet? I'm looking for recommendations...(clean/simple). I don't really want to use a Google Cal in an iframe. Thanks -Mark

RSS feeds reader for C5 - or any way to port?

I am not a coder, just a computer guy. But I am in need to have this function in Concrete5. Reads RSS feeds and displays in the page/content region. Another CMS has the ability to do so, any help in getting this into C5 would be great. http://…

Image Gallery

Hello. One question. To add images is no problem. But what can I do if I want to create a page with lots of images. Does a image gallery exist which I can intigrate into c5 as a block? I don't want a separate image gallery in a new window. oLi

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