EZ Ajax - New Block Coming Soon

While working on one of my own projects, I have come across the need for ajax-loaded content. I've noticed that there are no addons available for 5.7 and newer that deal with simple loading of ajax content. So, I have begun work on a new simple-to-use…

PayPal Buttons

This site says.. Error: Form elements must not have name or id of "submit". PayPal code will not publish up in block.

Transparent block

I am trying to do something that should be simple but I cannot do it and it might be my lack of experience, so here it is, in one or more pages I would like to have a background picture, a brick or wood wall for example. I would like to have my writing ( …

Image Slider

My images are scaled very very large after being uploaded to image viewer. Upload size in library in kb's.

Block interface slow loading when accessing file object

Hi all, I would like to ask for your help in my problem. So I have this custom block which accesses the File Manager module. So everything's fine when I am adding an image but when I am in accessing the file through the file ID, the block's add and edi…

Block Zoomer Error

Declaration of Concrete\Package\Zoomer\Block\Zoomer\Controller::registerViewAssets() should be compatible with Concrete\Core\Block\BlockController::registerViewAssets($outputContent = '') What should I do to solve the problem?

Core Feature request - Page permissions extended to dashboard

OK, not really a block request but tossed a coin wether to post here or in the Dev forum and this won. I have a problem currently in allowing a less-than-God user to manage users, express object and other bits while restricting them from e.g. System an…

5.7: popup to get email when leaving website

Dear, I'm looking for an add-on on Concrete5 platform (running version 7) to help me capture email when people are leaving my website with a pop-up. Does this exist already ? If no, is there any plan to develop this ? Many thanks, Matt

Google maps marker by coordinates

Does any one have a google maps add on that allows the position of the location marker via coordinates rather than an address. The only one I could find was 6GL Google Map LITE + Snazzy Maps which has not been updated to include the google maps API key.…

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