Would love a great new simple booking form with timeslots

I've tried to manage this with ProEvents and ProForms. But some basic functions are missing. So that's why I would love to hear when someone is going to develop, or developed a great simple booking form. One that's not only simple for the customers, but a…

Internationalization Add-on

Internationalization Add-on Can change url to any language such as www.domain.com/aboutus to www.domain.com/เกี่ยวกับเรา

Problem with 'Background Image' add-on

I've installed 'Background image' add-on and when I chose a picture and took confirmed, all pages on my site were became white, even login page is white, blank, it's all white. Please help me? I can not sing in to my page. http://ginger.iserbia.org

Getting 2nd sublevel pages to show in AutoNav

My AutoNav menu shows the top level and 1st sublevel in the pulldown menu at the top of my page but not the 2nd sublevel. Someone mentioned making changes in the block adjustments to show all, and I made all the suggested changes but that only added the …

confusion with blocks

I am so new to this, thinking it was so easy lol. How did I manage this, if you look at the attached file you see the name is double and a barbed wire is in it. When I am in edit is shows only one name with no barbed wire the way it should look. I clear…

Image grid

Hello, Can someone please recommend a way to display an image grid? i.e. grid of 6 columns X 5 rows, like an image gallery, but no need for pop ups. i

Content Slider

I have a client that wants the realtor section and the partners section of this site to slide from side to side and give the user the ability to scroll through different realtors and different partners. Is there an add-on that does exactly this? http://1…

Page selector root page

Has anyone found out how to select a different root page than homepage whilst using the page selector attribute? I know this is possible using the advanced page selector attribute: http://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/customizing_c5/sharing-my-custom…
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