Frontend file management and directory listing on a page

Hi all, For an intranet setup I'm looking for an addon which provides me with frontend file management and also a directory listing (something like the apache index, but more integrated with C5). Is there anyone who has experience with an addon lik…

Pro Blog 12.4.4 compatibility to wordpress.

I recently bought Pro Blog 12.4.4 I am wondering, how much compatibility is there between Pro Blog 12.4.4 and WordPress. Will add ons for WordPress work inside Pro Blog I have used the built-in blog generator for C%, and really just learning abu…

looking for an addon

I am looking for an addon that would permit me to build a links page, or articles page, where i can adjust the layout at will. Ideally i want to build a Links page where i can have the link in an alphabetical layout, and if I need to slip another cate…

Blog Entry Prev/Next nav not visible live

Hi all, I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum.... Hoping someone has found a trick to solve this....Or enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong. I have a blog set up on a site and have added the Prev/Next nav block to the blog_entry default …


The search function isn't working on my site: I googled the answer and was confused. I messed around with blacklist and whitelist in the search function but didn't find anything. Any suggestions?

left side nav bar

How do we get that sliding navigation menu like the ones used in the dashboard , where you clik the menu and the it slides on the right or left ..... many thanks

Simple CSS switch

Hi ... Instead of change the hole theme, It would be great with a simple way in dashboard to switch the different ccs files, eg.. main.css > main_christmas.css Cheers Flemming

Profile Block?

Hi, I'm after a way to show user profile avatars as an image grid using a dedicated image in the profile doc type. eg Person uploads their headshot and that gets arranged in alphabetical order on the profile page automatically. I'm doing it by h…

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