Hi!, i want to change dimensions of thumbnail image in page list, but i don´t know how make that possible. I know very few of code but i will try. I attached one image that let more clear about my problem. Thanks!

Access Denied

I moved my website from one URL to another. The site is up and working. When I log in and click on the toolbox icon, I get the message access denied. I also connected the site to the Concrete5 Community, but it does not appear on my project list. Th…

Quiz Master

Is anyone aware of anything like the older Quiz Master add-on, which seems to have been discontinued for the latest versions of Concrete5 ? Thank you in advance.

conversation block

Hi i have installed the conversation block on a page that requires users to log in, so i am happy for them to post, is there any way i can turn off the need for a post to be reviewed and posted by an admin?

i need a block with repeater Field

i need a block with image repeater with link. i have fond this functionality in Block Designer Pro. but when i am trying to purchase the block there is no option for Pakistan. i am trying to purchase with credit card As Paypal is not working in Pakistan.

block details

good morning, i ve this error when i tried the block "Details" "An unexpected error occurred. Argument 1 passed to Concrete\Core\Express\ObjectManager::getEntityController() must be an instance of Concrete\Core\Entity\Express\Entity, null given, called …

Easy Image Gallery not working in composer

Hi I've just intall "Easy Image Gallery" (ver. 1.4.2.) on my site (concrete5.8.2.1) and it's not working in composer. I add attribute with proper handle in the "form" of page and the block in the outcome of the page. I can add the fileset when adding ne…

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